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Meet our founding partners.



Patty Patrick , 

Founding Partner

Having over 20 years of extensive experience in  leadership development, non-profit management and personal coaching, Patty seeks to draw out and advance her client's mission while focusing on their values and objectives.

Building upon the good and increasing the awareness of good is the basic premise of Patty's work.  

Patty is a champion for her clients and encourages  intentional vibrant living in all aspects of life. She upholds full engagement, by assisting with identifying what really matters and strengthening impact in those areas. As a thinking partner she asks the challenging questions and dares to believe the potential within can be realized now.


Patty's Services »

Non-Profit Consulting Specializing in: 

Leadership Development Training                             

Team Development   

Strategic Planning     

Mission Acceleration                                       

Personal Coaching Specializing in:   

Life Transitions     

Premarital Coaching   

Career Planning       

Spiritual Development

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Patty is available to work by phone, in person    and on site.  Contact her at:








Rebekah Tozer,

Founding Partner


With years of experience working in academia, non profit and small business start ups, the common bottom line that follows Rebekah is "wherever she shows up, she makes things better".  She is adept at identifying what's good and how to elevate that good to be even better.

She gets really excited when seeing people take steps to optimize the good in their personal life and work life. 

Considering herself a lifelong learner, she is obsessed with all things visual and is fascinated with the infrastructure of how our brain deals with input and then through life and work, it displays our output. She likes to regularly challenge herself in areas of personal health and development.

She is committed to elevating the good where she finds herself.


Services Include »

communication optimization & management

internal process creation

telling the story of your brand


habit coach/ efficiency coach

wellness mapping & coaching



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Rebekah is available to work by phone, in person  and on site.  Contact her at:







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